MARES: BeeBe - Born To Shine - Mirage - Salvanna - Whisper

Born To Shine VDH, aka: Sunny

Oxford (Burggraaf) x Devon Ridge Goldana (Wodan)

Truly, a most beautifully colored and athletically talented mare, with a solid disposition that shines as golden as her coat! After trying to breed palomino warmbloods for so long, when the opportunity presented itself with this mare, I decided to purchase her. Although in some ways, buying this dream horse instead of breeding her, seems a bit like "cheating," she is a wonderful example of, and a shining testament to, my goal of quality palomino warmbloods. Later, after a career under saddle, she will be used in our breeding program. Therefore, since this mare is an integral part of my dreams and goals, she is NOT for sale.

As a 5 year old in June, 2011

Sunny collage

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  • First Day Here

  • June of 2011